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Through the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center Chapters project, teachers and students can collaboratively write chapter books that are then presented via video distance learning. This is how the Chapters Project works:

-A title for the book is established.


- Class A writes the first chapter.


-Class B writes the second chapter.


-Class C writes the third chapter.


-All classes write their own conclusion to the chapter book based on the previous chapters.


-Each chapter should be written based on the previous chapter(s), unless your class wrote Chapter 1. The characters and plot should carry throughout the chapter book.


-Each chapter must have a beginning, middle and end. The end of each chapter should provide opportunities for something new to happen in the next chapter.


-All classes present their final chapter in an interactive videoconference. Classes may choose to "act out" their final chapter. The final chapter presentation should take no longer than 15 minutes for each participating class.


For information on how your class or school can participate contact the Kathy Mohr at

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